Ezra Kunze

Ezra who's full name is Caleb Ezra Kunze was born in Germany Ottersberg on November the 20th in 1993 is a rapper/songwriter out of Jakarta, Indonesia. Ezra's musical journey took place at the age of 22 however he had been surrounded by music all his life. He began writing stories and poetry at a very young age to pass the time. His first initial love for music was the process of writing music and figuring out how to manipulate words and syllables to his liking to better fit a record, as well as attempting to have certain ideas and thoughts being able to be vividly expressed through lyrics by using music as an outlet.

His first step into music however was the recording of a rap record at the age of 21 alongside his friends entitled "Waters". Ezra's taste and style in music is evidently evident through his influences as a child. He is fond of what he refers to as "21st century poets" such as J Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Tupac and Mos Def. However he is also deeply inspired by Jazz artists such as John Coltrane, Sonny Rollins, and Bill Evans, he also is deeply inspired by Classical Artists such as Bach, Ptytor Tchaikovsky, and Antonio Vivaldi. All of which are major inspirations to him.

At his core however he is a born lyricist with a fascination to experiment with his music both sonically and vocally but uses Rap to fully round it all out.